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Name:Kevin Scott Lane
Kevin is a homicide detective. A bit of a hot shot as it were, he's good at what he does and he actually doesn't let it get to his head. Every case gets the same care as the last and he doesn't like to not solve a case. He broke the record for most suspect tackles. Not sure he should be proud of that or start billing for his cleaning bill.

As for his personal life he doesn't have one as he is single. Sure he'd like to meet someone but sometimes the job gets in the way. He isn't actively looking but thinks it will find a way to creep up on him. He likes to work out and takes martial arts. Likes football and baseball. He also volunteers at the youth center and is like a big giant kid. He loves kids and would love a family of his own someday. He doesn't care if they are his biologically or not.

[This is an original character journal, and I own the character. The pb Jeff Hephner I do not own. Mun is over 18, as is the muse.]
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